I  am so excited at the prospect of u joining our Foster Family! With our fostering program, we provide for 100% of all vetting care, treatment, vaccines, medication, and flea/tick/heartworm preventative.  I do ask that u be available to take him/her to any vet appts.  I will coordinate that according to ur schedule and deal directly with the vet in setting up those appointments.  If I have any donated items - such as toys, food, bedding, bowls, crates, leashes/collars, etc - I will gladly give them to u.  If I do not have those items, I ask that u provide them and u can reuse them future fosters.  U do NOT have to give any items to the new adoptive family. I completely understand this is an added cost to u and there are some people who cannot or do not want to take on that financial part of fostering. RDR is a 501c3, so all of ur expenses are tax deductible, so keep ALL of ur receipts.  But again - if I have it, I will give it u.  

I will also be responsible for posting and screening for their new home.  All u have to do is provide the loving, safe, nurturing environment.  I do have trainers/behaviorists who volunteer their time and advice to us - so if u have any issue with ur foster, please email me and I will put u directly in touch with them.  If for any reason u cannot take care of ur foster dog at any time, I will move them as quick as possible but I ask that u keep in mind that RDR is 100% foster based with no shelter facility.  If I do not have an immediate foster family open to move ur foster dog, I ask that u be understanding and patient while I work to find placement.  I promise to move them as quick as possible.  If it is a matter of safety, I would move them into a kennel/boarding facility.

The only time I would ask u to meet a family is when they are 100% approved.  Nearly everyone emails asking to meet the dogs.  Ur home would look like Grand Central Station if I permitted everyone who wanted to meet them right away!  So only APPROVED families will meet them.  At that point in the adoption process, if the meet and greet goes well, they can adopt them right then. A lot of meet and greet days are also adoption day for a lot of families. For that day, I will make sure that u are emailed the adoption contract for them.  Prior to that day, I will have spoken to the family and reviewed the contract and adoption fee, explained any medical issues if any, reviewed the instructions for registering their dog's microchip, and other information.  The day after adoption day, I mail out an adoption packet to the family with all of that same info (minus the adoption contract which u will have) and also with their dog's medical information.  After adoption day, I ask that u mail out the contract and adoption fee to me.

With regards to WHO u can foster - basically any dog u would like.  Puppies, adults, young, old, special needs or no needs, big, small, certain breeds etc. On Facebook I have a closed, private page only for my fosters and volunteers.  It is there that I would post my needs to the group to see if anyone can step up to foster.  Once approved, I would add u to that group and then u can see everything that is going on within the rescue and see which dogs still need foster. It's also a great way to get to know everyone!  

At times, my fosters decide to adopt the dog they are taking care of.  As a courtesy, I give my fosters "first dibs" which means if they decided to adopt, I would give them preference over any family that I am in the process of approving.  Just so u know, the adoption fee would still apply as that is a small way to help offset some of the expenses needed to get these dogs ready for adoption.  

In preparation for bringing ur new foster into ur home, please read the following: http://thegooddoglifeblog.com/2014/02/07/introducing-new-dogs-to-your-pack-a-recipe-for-non-disaster/.  If ur bringing a new puppy into ur home, please read this: http://puppies.about.com/od/Training/a/Puppy-Introductions.htm

One final thing - in order to foster, ALL (dogs and cats) of ur pets need to be current on vaccines.  Even if ur cat is an "indoor cat".  Because of the exposure ur own animals will have, ur dogs will need to also be current on Bordatella and Lepto vaccines.  

Please let me know if u have any questions.  I look forward to having u as part of our team! rdranimalreascue2014@gmail.com