Frequently Asked Questions:

What is involved in the adoption process?

Our application process involves the completion of an application, a vet reference, 2 personal references, a home visit, and then a meet and greet with the dog/puppy you are interested in.

What are your adoption fees and what do they include?

Our adoption fees vary depending on the dog’s age, health status, and breed. They usually range from $100-$400. Adoption fees include health exam, up to date vaccines, microchipping, deworming, 4DX test for dogs older than 6 months, monthly heartworm preventative, and spay/neuter (when older than 6 months of age). For puppies under 6 months of age, a spay/neuter voucher will be given to the adoptive family. It also includes any and all medical/surgical treatments necessary to bring the dog/puppy to a healthy state. We do NOT adopt out unhealthy dogs!

How long does the adoption process take?

The length of our adoption process is dependent on how quickly we can perform your vet/personal references and how quickly we can get a volunteer to perform your home visit. Notifying your vet to give them permission to speak to us, along with notifying your personal references that we will be calling are ways you can help move the process along.

Is there an adoption contract?

Yes, if the meet and greet is successful, the adoptive family can do the adoption that day. A RDR Animal Representative will be there on adoption day and do the adoption contract with the family.

Can we meet any of the dogs/puppies prior to my submitting an application?

All of our rescues live in foster homes with families. These families work and the majority have kids, plus their own animals, a social life, and their own obligations. Due to the large number of people who wish to meet our dogs/puppies, we must pre-screen the applicant first. If we didn’t, our foster homes would look like Grand Central Station! So to decrease the amount of disruption to our foster families, we only allow approved applicants to meet our dogs/animals.

If I am approved, but change my mind OR do not feel a “connection” during the meet and greet, do I have to adopt?
No! Our rescue is not about putting any dog into any home. It’s about putting the right dog in the right home. An applicant can decide not to adopt at any time or may choose not to after they meet the dog/puppy. If an applicant is approved, and decides not to adopt at that time, their approved application is valid for 6 months from the date of approval and they are able to meet any dog/puppy immediately without having to go through the adoption process. After 6 months, they will need to re-apply.

How do you choose which family can adopt a specific dog/puppy?

Once we receive an application and approve the application, we then move onto performing the vet and personal references. At that point, that particular dog/puppy is “held” for that family. This way there is no chance of that dog/puppy being adopted to another family. This has saved a lot of broken hearts! If we receive any inquires or application on that dog/puppy, we explain that there is a family pending approval. Should that family change their mind during the approval process OR that family is declined, the “hold” is lifted and the dog/puppy can be adopted by another family.

Do you have a shelter facility?
No, we do not. All of our rescues live in foster homes.

What are the next steps after adoption day?
We recommend bringing your new dog/puppy to your personal vet with 7 days of getting them home with you. This way, your vet can evaluate them when they are feeling good plus your vet can put their vet records into their system. The day after adoption day, we will mail out your Adoption Packet which will include, among other things, your dog/ puppy’s vet records and history. It will also include a lot of informational items along with instructions on how to register their microchip.

Who do I register their microchip with?
We participate in the ChipsFurKeep for program of Home Again. This is their rescue/ shelter program. Again, in your adoption packet will contain the information needed to call and register your dog/puppy’s microchip. Because you have adopted a rescue, the annual enrollment fee is greatly reduced (around $10-$12 dollars for the year). We also receive a FREE replacement chip when you register.

Do you do “trial runs” to see if a particular dog is a good fit for our family?

Unfortunately, no. This is for liability reasons. Until an adoption contract is signed, that dog/puppy is the property and responsibility of RDR Animal Rescue. Should that dog/puppy become injured, lost, die - or bite someone - the responsibility falls with us, since they are legally our dog. However, we ALWAYS take our rescues back, regardless of the reason and regardless of how much time has passed since they were adopted. So if the dog/puppy needed to be returned in a day, a week or a year - we would take them.

Can I contact you if I have questions about behavioral problems or just need advice? 

YES! We encourage all of our adopters to contact us with ANY issue or concern. We can offer a lot of advice and have access to many resources that we can refer you to.
We also work very closely with excellent dog trainers who we can refer you to (We actually include this information in your adoption packet). Don’t become frustrated! Call or email us!

What is the best way to get in touch with you?
Honestly, email or sending a Facebook message is the quickest way to get in touch with us. We get a lot of phone calls each day and to answer each one would take up an incredible amount of time. Answering an email or FB message is much quicker. If/when you are approved, you will get a phone call to let you know that and to go over any questions you may have at that time.

Are you a 501c3?

Yes, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations to RDR Animal Rescue ARE tax deductible

What do I do if I need to surrender a dog?

While RDR does accept owner surrenders, we are dependent on having an open foster home to receive your dog.  If we are full, we still want to deter people from surrendering their dogs to a shelter or from posting on social media sites without the proper screening.   All shelters euthanize for space - so do not be fooled into thinking your dog would be spared.  Shelters are incredibly stressful and often traumatize any animal that finds themselves there.  Posting on social media sites, while wonderful for giving your dog exposure, can also be VERY dangerous.  Dog fighters and dog abusers will usually will not pay for a dog they plan to harm or kill.  So posting "Free to a good home" is a magnet to such people.  Even with an adoption fee, you want to make sure your dog goes to a family who will take care of all of their needs, provide preventive vet care, and will not use them as an outdoor dog. Adopt A Pet is offering a FREE program to help people who need to find a new home for their dog.  It will walk you through all the steps on how to properly screen a new family plus provide you with an application and adoption contract.  Please note that we are NOT giving out this information to deter people away from using rescue groups, but to deter people from surrendering to a shelter  OR from rehoming their dog without doing the proper screening.  To get started, click the banner below.